Creating access to community


There’s a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel starting to appear and the need for community will be greater than ever. If you’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by your chosen family on a regular basis, you know the power, personal growth, and sense of belonging that community can bring to your life.


Through our curated events and inclusive staff, we will not only serve to foster community, but be the beacon for those in search of it. And provided we’re located in one of the best intersections in all of Denver (29th & Larimer), we’ll be pretty easy to find.


The way in which we celebrate life and connect with others in a space is now up to us (and you). Do you have ideas to bring to the table? Email us and let us know!

Build Progress: Full Steam Ahead

The new HVAC is in, the floor is being saw cut to update the plumbing, and the backyard has been leveled. It’s hard to believe that in just months from now, people will be led on an artful journey through these spaces to connect, play, and dance.


Featured Beacon Partner: Track Architecture

Our dear friend Patrick McMichael at Track has been with us since the conception of Beacon. Having led the charge on creating the perfect layout design, Patrick has always kept the customer experience and our intentions for the space in mind. He took the lead on getting us through the web of required permitting which has led to us receiving approvals from the city many weeks ahead of schedule.


Read more about Track’s experience in designing restaurant spaces, offices, residential properties, and more here.


Stay tuned for more updates! 


Robert & Mario