Welcome to Beacon

The return of big hugs and frequent celebrations is on the horizon. The pandemic will end and the need for a community-centered gathering space will be greater than ever. Leveraging our backgrounds in hospitality and event curation, we (Mario and Robert) have teamed up to meet that need by creating Beacon, located right at 29th and Larimer in RiNo.

Standing out against the mundane array of bars and breweries, Beacon is a venue designed as a combination of intimate themed spaces, a high vibe dance floor, and a beautiful backyard escape from the urban jungle. The experiences and energy that we create will serve as a beacon of light for those out there looking for their people.

Want to join us on our journey? Follow us on Instagram and start sharing with your friends that we will soon have the gathering space and venue we’ve all been waiting for. Or feel free to reach out to us by responding to this email.

Robert & Mario